We love being at work. It inspires us.

And since enthusiasm is infectious, we hope ours rubs off on the people we work with. That way work can become part of who we are rather than just something we have to do. Bringing the whole of ourselves to work makes it a much happier place to be. And happy energetic people make for great organisations.

We've been helping people grow and organisations develop since 1987. We're small enough to be personal, but big enough to tackle the job.

Each of our team of learning and development professionals has extensive experience and a distinct set of skills. And we all share a common approach to what we do: we want the learning we offer to bring helpful change to work and lives.

We're interested in finding new ways to work. Right now, our focus is on how we can work with people to embody change - not just by 'getting stuff' intellectually, but by feeling it physically. We've brought together professionals from different disciplines - dance, theatre, martial arts - to work with us on diverse topics - from handling difficult situations, to developing presence as a leader.