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Ewan Stickley

Ewan Stickley

Ewan Stickley is skilled in supporting leaders and organisations to use their strengths to achieve outstanding performance. Energetic and engaging, Ewan has delivered a wealth of executive and team development programmes.

In his early career Ewan worked at Walt Disney World. In corporate land, Ewan has held senior management positions at Pret a Manger, Arcadia and the Pentland Group where he was Global Head of Talent Management and Leadership Development. But you can’t take Disney out of the boy – he loves his work with people.

In his coaching, Ewan helps leaders build on their natural strengths to achieve great results. In his team events he brings a great sense of mischief and fun.

He is accredited by the Academy of Executive Coaching, a member of the British Psychological Society and approved to use many psychometric tools.

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