Here are some proven programmes you can take 'off the peg'.

Are you looking for something more tailored? Great! We'll make sure we find out what'll make the most difference – and create something just for you.

From time to time we run public courses in London where you can book individual places. Get in touch to find out more.

Customer-friendly writing

How to harness plain English and write clearly - saving your reader time, and making your job easier.

Project management

Get to grips with the hard and soft skills of project management - people, equipment, money, time... to give your project the best chance of success.

Read faster, read smarter

Get through your paperwork more quickly and effectively, so you can unclutter your mind and desk. Think what you could do with the time you save!

Report writing

Practical techniques making your reports easy to plan, easy to write, and - most important - easy for your reader to find what they need.

Customer care

An inspiring course with oodles of practical tools to help you give the best service possible to everyone you work with.

Get the message - assertive conversations

Develop your inner confidence in all sorts of situations: from delivering tough messages to having courageous conversations.

Recruitment and selection

How to recruit people with the right skills, experience and commitment to add to the success of your team.

Creative thinking and problem solving

How to get your creative juices going to generate ideas and solutions to problems - even if you don't think you're the 'creative type'.

Presentation skills

A highly practical course giving you the skills and confidence to engage your audience in what you have to say.

Hold the floor - delivering inspiring messages

This unique course uses professionals from the world of performance. We'll coach you to develop an engaging presence so your message has impact.

Sprucing up your standard letters

Do you use a lot of standard letters? Do any of them still have the same wording and format from years ago?