Civil Wars' album Barton Hollow

The singers in this American duo were successful songwriters in their own right before reluctantly pairing up at a songwriting workshop. As they sang together they found the blend of their voices was the kind you only get with singers from the same family. This beautiful harmonious record is the result.

Peter Gabriel's album 'New Blood'

This is quite simply amazing music: exploring and exalting what it is to be human and humane. We recommend turning it up loud. And make sure you indulge in listening to 'In Your Eyes' on max in the car sometime - quite simply the best driving song ever.

Tim Minchin's song 'Not Perfect'

Talented musician and comedian, Tim Minchin endlessly creates pieces that are both funny and poignant. His gift is in being both searing and compassionate in equal measure - saying what we wish we could, what we long to express or what perhaps we never thought to say before.

Cheryl Wheeler's song 'Unworthy'

Comic lyricist and a great guitar player, Cheryl's song unworthy is a wonderful exposé of our inner mental workings: modern life with all its demand for activity sets us up for 'terrible failure' in achieving them all. Here's what she has to say about all that, in her inimitable style.